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Spiranewsonline.com.ng is #1 online news and entertainment platform by audience in Nigeria.
Spiranews Leading the way
Spiranewsonline.com.ng is a modern Nigerian digital media platform.
In today’s recent world, there are a lot of informational clutter. But we are here to select and emphasise the vital information, that is interesting, entertaining,edifying and useful.
Our editorial team works to continually improve our audience experience by analyzing their content preferences, while our engineers implement the cutting-edge technology to build the most convenient digital platform in Nigeria.
                                  Our mission
Our mission is to impact positively on our Readers/Clients and society by providing high quality, reliable and affordable media products for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic
                                 OUR VISION
Our vision is to be the Best modern Nigerian digital media platform,
with the Widest Reach through innovation backed by excellent service delivery, highly motivated human capital and latest technology.
                                      Who we are
Every 6th Internet user in Nigeria is a Spiranewsonline reader
Every 7th Nigerian who is on Facebook is Spiranewsonline page subscriber.
                                    Our values
We have strong beliefs, which content, marketing and engineering teams follow in everything they do.
                        We create content that matters
Our content is not only interactive and outstanding but also makes an impact and changes the world for the better.
We cover the most trending and significant topics with an emphasis on local news to enrich Nigerians’ everyday life.


We put our audience first by creating relevant content and using multiple distribution channels.
We double-check our facts before publishing and avoid using misleading or clickbait headlines
We apply cutting-edge technology to create the newsfeed based on people’s preferences and to improve the site speed
We stick to “do no harm” policy, show the world in its diversity and never justify violence.
                                      Our story
Spiranewsonline.com.ng website was launch 2019 and Facebook page. 2018.
                                    We are everywhere
We care about the convenience of the users, that is why we share our content through all possible platforms.
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Address: 3 Joseph Atori Street Ovwian, Delta State Nigeria.