APC expelled Abdulaziz Yari for misfortune of the past zamfara election


Abuja – The Zamfara branch of the All Progressive Congress (APC) immediately ruled the governor of Zamfara Abdulaziz Yari. During the failed primary elections in the country,  Lawali Shuaibu , the Deputy National chairman (North) of the party was expelled from the entire progressive parliament (APC)

This is because the capabilities of the party fell out of Zamfara. The decision to launch the former federal and deputy governors was made in Gusau, the capital of Zamfara, after a special session.

A statement signed jointly by Zampara, Alhaji Surajo Garba Mai Katako and Party Chairman Mohammed Bello Bakyasuva, states that the deportation to the election was, unfortunately, Jari, his bodyguard


The decision on the appointment of former federal and vice-chairmen was taken at Zamfara in the capital Gusau after a special meeting. Alhaji Suraho Garbo May Katakana and Mohammed Bello Bakyasuva, Minister of Public Relations of the Zamfara Party, unfortunately, canceled the election of Jari and his bodyguard, and the party was found in Zamfara province.

The party leader recalled that the disappointed efforts of the former governor were in the primary elections last year and that this served as the basis for the electoral disasters that arrested him in the state.

“After reviewing the statement of our party and the decision of the Supreme Court at the last election, we left the former Prime Minister, Governor Zamfara.

By Theophilus Oruma
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